December 12, 2006

Early Call

whew! got awoken by the constant beep of my phone this morning. It was from a friend who just got in from the States, couldn't sleep right away so had to keep busy with what else- the phone. ",)

am awfully glad you see. i really do look forward to seeing old friends back again, and especially during the holidays.

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

December 02, 2006

Malapit na ang Pasko

Well, it's that time of year.....

Really, my cellphone hasn't stopped ringing for 2 weeks now. Either my mom is calling me, or my dad, or my sis-in-law, or my bro - all asking about our going home for the holidays. Oh yeah, still three and a half weeks to go, you say, but to us Filipinos, the days pass by in a blur as everyone gets busy with umm-important things. So tickets have to be bought ahead of time else we'll be sure to land on the wait-list of every airline there is available.

Getting in the office a day after a 5-day mini-vacation off to the northern tip of the Philippine map, I was a bit hesitant to approach my boss about my leave for the holidays. But what the heck! It's Christmas after all. My family will miss me a lot if I don't go home. And I'll be missing a lot, too, actually. Christmas time is mainly family time. I have to go home and be with my family. Can't help but sigh wistfully at the sight of any nativity scene that's just all around us now.

So there, after letting my boss know I'm going home this Christmas break, I frantically searched the net for any available flight home. Whew! That wiped out my credit limit for the month for now... again!