August 26, 2011

Need to Heal

Have you heard the story about a big truck getting stuck under a low overhead bridge? Nobody knows what to do until the town fool suggests that they let the air out of the tyres. This done, the truck which is now a couple inches lower, grazes through. See what a little bit of deflation can do? This teaches us a lesson on humility. And we can never be too high or too mighty for the Lord.

Prayer for Inner Healing

Speak clearly, Lord, into my heart.
In the past, I had been busy with life
and I forgot what it meant to really live.
In the midst of my pains and difficulties,
allow me to know you
so that I may understand
what living for you is all about.

I am weak, Lord, and helpless without you.
I surrender to you, Lord,
all my fears and my burdens.
I will focus on your truth
that you will be with me always.
I will never understand your ways
but I know that you have
a purpose for me.

Lord, as I continue this prayer,
gently touch me with your healing hands.
You are the Divine Healer
and the greatest physician of all.
I believe in my heart
that nothing is impossible to you.
Heal my innermost being,
my spirit and my soul.

I know, Lord, that there is an end
to my loneliness and sickness
because you died on the cross
and rose from the dead.
From now on I just want to live
with a loving heart
and not with a grumbling heart,
from now on, Lord,
I just want to live with a faithful heart
and not with a fearful heart.
In the mighty name of Jesus.

August 10, 2011

Lazy Wednesday

i sure am feeling lazy today. but have promised myself to do the laundry. have finished the quilt cover and now spinning the tees and blouses while listening to Cruisin' 4 tracks. wooh, brings me back to yesterday.

August 04, 2011

Ang Babae

Ito ay hango sa isang sulatin sa Storyteller's Minute. Nakuha nito ang aking atensyon habang ako'y naghahanap ng mababasa kanina. Hindi ko tiyak kung kelan ito isinulat kung kaya't ako'y nag-iisip kung 'Totoo pa rin kaya ito magpasahanggang ngayon?'