May 05, 2009

My Inaanak

I remember a time when i was asking my mom why i still do not have any inaanak seeing that my housemates have long lists being ticked off during Christmas season. And she answered maybe because my friends are still not married so there's no one to ask me to be ninang yet. Then friend Jing got married and lo, I had my very first inaanak, Malynn! Pagkatapos nito, naku sunod-sunod nang nagsipag-asawa ang mga kaibigan ko. Tama nga naman at may mga trabaho na. Kaya sunodsunod na ding dumami ang aking mga inaanak.

I still can't believe that it's been 12 years since. Ang tanda ko na! Hahaha...

To my inaanak, Malynn! May you grow up to be a wonderful lady and obedient daughter to your mom and dad. And be a good model to your younger brother and sister. You know they look up to you. Stay rooted in your faith and continue to serve the Lord in your own little way. God bless you, sweetie!