August 31, 2008

august at an end

been reading through friend daragangmagayon's blogs as of late. yep, stayed up late keeping myself updated on what's happenin' with my friends. hey tariray, where are your posts? hehe.. yabang ko, pano kasi madami ako ngayong panahong magbasa. read...wala akong ginagawa at walang ibang magawa, sa ngayon lang naman. sana ay magkaroon na ng trabaho. pero 'yong magaan lang, hahaha... ewan ko ba, ganito na siguro ang tumatanda. =)

oo nga. sa trabaho ko dati, pag dumadating na ang buwang ito, naghihigpit na ng sinturon at alam naming lahat papalapit na ang 'peligro de agosto' - comes the time for belt tightening measures. pero parang hindi lang nitong buwang 'to ako nagtipid, nitong buong taon 'ata e. ang dami (as in ang dami) kong pinalagpas na chance na gumala. paano, nag-a-anticipate na ako ng mga buwang walang trabaho ergo walang sweldo ergo walang panggasta.

but as a month-ender, me and kwin will be out to watch a movie. siyempre pa, at ano bang pwedeng pang-kilig na sine nitong mga panahong 'to? no other but a kc movie, of course. hehe...

August 17, 2008

Phelps Watch

im so happy to watch Phelps win his eighth gold for this Games. and all thanks to his team once again. he received a medallion for this achievement during the awarding ceremony.

yesterday was such a cardiac finish against serbia's Cavic for the 100m fly race. was just glad MP won it.

grabbed this photo from tprnet's word press site. thanks for posting those pictures!

August 15, 2008

Go Phelps, Go!

(pic courtesy of

can't help it. i'm a phelps fan!

just couldn't breathe every time he competes. i really do so want him to get those 8 golds. but if he doesn't, i'm still a big fan.

not a swimmer myself, but i love watching the olympic swimming competitions. i have to hold my breath in those seconds before they hit the buzzer. just last summer, i have tried to learn how to swim, making the most use of the swimming pool at our staffhouse. especially that i have already planned on leaving. the good news there is that i was at last able to float. i've been trying for the longest time to do this. just was so scared of the waters for so long. this time i was able to conquer that fear. and all thanks to camille who had to bear with me patiently, teaching me how to breathe and move my legs. i'm not good though. it's enough for me that i was at last able to float! hahaha...

but phelps is another story. he's just awesome.

go, phelps, go. go for eight!

August 12, 2008

12th of August

wanna enroll for french classes. me and bro esmuky. he's gonne be needing it some. hope he makes it in the interview by the canadian. then, it's gonne be my turn, too. whew! so looking forward to that!

August 10, 2008

Olympic Night Opening

(pic courtesy of Reuters at ABS-CBN website)

stayed up late just to be able to watch the opening of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

how i wish i was there. been dreaming since last year to be able to set foot on beijing for the olympic games. and with it being hosted in china, i thought if i could just save up enough money then maybe i can go there along with some family or friends. that dream never happened. so just had to content myself with watching on television as the opening unfolds.

it was such a magnificent opening night. the chinese really know how to give a show. it was so spectacular. i oohed and ahhhed along with so many of my companions. truly a sight to behold.

August 07, 2008

Luanne in OZ

wane announced she's leaving for australia already to be with her sister. she got a 3 month visa and hopes to be able to work on finding a job there then apply for residency. i wish you well, wane. good luck to you and do well in all your endeavours.

God bless you and advance happy birthday, too.

August 02, 2008

Hard Job Finding a Job

this seems to be the most difficult thing in the world to do right now.

help, anyone?

August 01, 2008

HBD Daddy and Esmuky

it's daddy and esmuky's bday today.

Happy birthday to you both!

love you both so much!!!