July 14, 2010

At Home on my Off Day

good it is also my aunt's day-off today. I woke up and decided to go to Carrefour for some light shopping. was able to talk to my aunt and learned she also had the day off and so we went instead to Satwa and did some shopping there.

this is our life here. really looking forward to any rest and quiet time that we can have.

July 07, 2010

So Hot

my color's back again.. after being toasted alive in this climate.

and i'm way bigger than ever! can't seem to control my size anymore. i guess it's old age. haaay, the years are slowly beginning to show. and i'm perpetually changing wardrobe... waaa!!! my clothes are getting a tad too tight na.

i hope my friends can still recognize me in this size. it's high time for a drastic diet! hoooh!

July 01, 2010

Achy Breaky Heart

broken hearted again...

as Kris A. says, i have come to terms with the fact that relationships are not for me. maybe, i am meant to be single forever. if that is the case, then i'm going to make the most of being a single woman and be the best that i can be being single and enjoy my single-blessedness.

kaya ba nag-splurge na naman ako sa isang liz claiborne bag? haay, what an expensive way to lift my mood , ha?