December 27, 2007


am back here at work already, yet still feeling that holiday fever. can't seem to shake away the holiday feeling yet. oh well, well... back to reality na nga.

so here's my post-Christmas post- pics from our staffhouse party by the pool:

happy Christmas everyone!

December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

Here's wishing a blessed Christmas to one and all!

December 18, 2007

Daddy's Here

daddy just got back from guillen, china last night. we met up with him for dinner tonight.

he had a great but very cold visit there. he had been texting us that the cold just seems to creep right up into him even with three layers of clothes he had on. my dad is not used to cold climate. all of us in the family aren't. my kuya and i would be trembling wrapped up in our blanket when we get to be billeted in a hotel for visits to other places. perhaps it's just esmuky who is the most likely to get used to the cold easily. after all, he's got a thicker layer of insulation on him than kuya and me. daddy regretted not having taken with him both pairs of thermal pants and jackets that kuya had borrowed for him. he only took one pair. so there, he felt really, really cold.

their host had invited three of them auditors to some fancy places and he was quite excited taking pictures. although he would rather stay in the warm room at the hotel than go wandering outside in the cold. a couple of days before coming back home, the three of them asked to be transferred to a warmer city so they can still have a little time exploring outside in the not so cold climate.

they went out and looked for pasalubong that they can take back home. daddy however had to carefully handcarry a delicately designed porcelain vessel which he bought for mommy. mabuti na lang hindi nabasag. we had to look for a more appropriate packaging for it when he got here since he still had to bring it to dumaguete then finally to iligan.

i also have seven more boxes for him to take home to mommy for christmas giveaways. i'm having them sent through him since i won't be going home this Christmas. i'll be spending my vacation with kuya.

i am trying to see how it would feel being away from home on Christmas vacation. i just know it would feel so different.

December 12, 2007

Party in the Haus

we have already set the schedule for the christmas party at the staffhaus. and guess what, it's gonna be a formal affair.... wow, kakaiba 'to. sa dinami-dami na nang na-conceive naming themes for the parties that we throw here, ngayon lang kami mag-f-formal.

makapagsimula na nga maghanap ng mahihiraman ng dress. hehe..

Last Christmas at Monde

parang ang daming party na kelangan puntahan this year. there's no telling, baka last christmas ko na ito at Monde. sigh, how sad naman. nag-i-invite na naman sina jay at ricky. oo nga pala, parang tradition na for staffhaus pipol to raid their house pag dating ng pasko. that's why the Lord has continued to bless such hardworking people like this couple - so that they can share their blessings with guys like us. hahaha!

but just thinking about leaving is making me so sad already. however, dreams have to be pursued. life must go on.

there's something that's pulling on me so strongly.

Lord guide my every step. let your angel show me the way.

December 05, 2007

Pasko na Naman

sarap mag-Brothers burger. nabundat ako dun a. ang laki pala ng burger. nagulat ako. sanay ako sa kakarampot na papaliit nang papaliit na shrimp sandwich sa wendy's. hehe...

eniweyz, here's the lyrics of a favorite christmas song of mine. makes me long for christmas. buti na lang disyembre na. am counting the days....

Perfect Christmas

Jose Mari Chan

My idea of a perfect Christmas

is to spend it with you

in a party or dinner for two

anywhere will do

celebrating the yuletide season

always lights up our lives

simple pleasure are made special too

when they’re shared with you

Looking through some old photograph

of faces and friends we'll always remember

watching busy shoppers rushing about

in the cold breeze of december

sparkling lights all over town

childrens carol in the air

by the christmas tree

a shower of stardust on your hair


I can’t think of a better christmas

than my wish coming true

and my wished is that you’ll let me spend

my whole life with you


Looking through some old photograph

of faces and friends we'll always remember

watching busy shoppers rushing about

in the cold breeze of december

sparkling lights all over town

childrens carol in the air

by the christmas tree

a shower of stardust on your hair


I can’t think of a better christmas

than my wish coming true

and my wished is that you’ll let me spend

my whole life with you

My idea of a perfect christmas

is spending it with you

... Merry Christmas, with love!

November 30, 2007


nanood kami ng enchanted kagabi.. hahaha... umiyak si bunso sa sobrang tuwa. princessita talaga ito si bunso, o.

feeling ko magugustuhan 'to ng pamangkin ko. pang-lil girls e. =)

have been dreaming of my true love's kiss. la-la-la....

gosh, i guess the movie has cast its spell on me.

November 26, 2007

K Conf

the KCon 07 was held at the Ultra this weekend. typhoon mina couldn't get into Manila coz the Ultra was already flooded - with people thirsting for the Lord's prodding.

such a pity langga wasn't there. she had cough and colds. she would have enjoyed the concert so much!

November 14, 2007

Back to School

no, hindi ito promotion ng national bookstore. ako po ay nag-b-back to school na naman. ewan ko ba, lagi na lang akong naghahanap ng panibagong hamon sa buhay ko. para lang ba may kakaiba sa araw ko. kaya heto, ini-stress ko na naman sarili ko. naghanap na naman ako ng bagong sakit ng ulo. iskul!

grabe, lalong humihirap ang pag-aaral habang tumatanda. hindi na kapareho noong bata-bata pa ako at masipag pa magsunog ng kilay. ngayon, mas mamabutihin ko pa ang humiga sa kama. pagkalatag ng mga babasahin, sasabayan ko din ng higa. haay, tulog ako tiyak!

November 07, 2007

Bora getaway

whew! had a very relaxing weekend in the island of boracay. housemates and i had a quick trip to this island getaway last Undas. here are a few pics and some links to my and friend jing's' album.

and a fire dance while ATJ's music was giving himself away as the sun set on our second day of stay.

October 13, 2007

Another Face of the Coin

well, just happened to read thru my sis-in-law's blog and realized that indeed there's another face to the coin. see our fiesta's other face.

October 09, 2007

Diet and Dieting

waaa!!!! my waistline's gone from 27 to 30. and i can't stop eating.

it seems that food is something i can't do without these days.

so, am i on diet?, you ask...
nah, absolutely not!

October 06, 2007

LakbaySining - A. M. Datinguinoo #1

fresh in college, i was one of those who enter university thirsty for new ideas, new insights, new points of view. as i was easily attracted by poetry and stuff, i got caught by this one which i saw in an old book of poems by revolutionaries which mirrored all their hopes and dreams and the pinings of their soul. the romantic in me couldn 't help but put to heart the lines in this poem by Amor D. i memorized it and would recite it out loud while studying. i loved it so much, that when i was already working my housemates in Lopez would laugh when they hear me recite it again. To the author, i tip my hat off to you... you've touched my soul.

Pigilan Mo Akong Mangarap, Mahal
ni Amor M. Datinguinoo

Pigilan mo akong mangarap,mahal

Sapagkat ang pag-ibig natin

ay di tulad ng sine ni Sharon Cuneta.

Gupitin mo ang pakpak

Ng aking balintataw,

Sapagkat ang pag-ibig natin

ay walang siguradong

"And they lived happily ever after" sa ending.

Ikadena mo ang paglilimayon
Ng aking guniguni,

Sapagkat ang pag-ibig natin

ay hindi nabiyayaan ng katiyakan

Ng paglubog at pagsikat ng araw.

Sa halip,

Turuan mo akong ituring

Na dream come true

Ang bawat araw na kapiling kita.

Sabihin mo sa aking
Langit na sa lupa
Ang nasa tabi kita ngayon,
ang nahahawakan ko ang kamay mo,

ang nakakasabay kita sa pagkain,
ang nakakasandig ako sa iyong mga balikat ang nakakaagapay kita sa pag-aaral ng lipunan at buhay
ang naririnig ko ang boses mo ,
ang nakakaambos ako sa iyong mga iniisip ,
ang napagmamasdan ko ang pagbuka at pagsara ng iyong mga labing
humahabi ng mga pangarap na
kapwa wala tayong karapatang angkinin
(ngunit walang pakundangan mo pa ring pinapangahasan!)

sapagkat Sinta,

Tayong dalawa

ay may kahati sa ating love affair:

Ang kapwa mababangis na Rebolusyon
Sa loob at labas
Ng ikaw at ako.

Kaya't pigilan mo akong mangarap, Mahal.
Sapagkat hindi natin tiyak
Kung bukas,
Tutubuan pa ng bigote ang buwan.

(... once again the words have been dug up thru the net and comes from the Philippine Collegian 1988 Literary Folio.)

October 05, 2007

Cramming For Some Sense

week's almost over. training still to be continued by tomorrow. have been scheduling training workshops for supervisors here at the plant. we're preparing them for HACCP food safety program here. being the implementors in the line, we are getting them prepped up for the long haul ahead.

enrolled yesterday. and trying to beat deadline for reservation to bora in time for undas.

where's the sense in all these things i do?

October 02, 2007

Building Bridges

i've often wondered about so many what could have been's in my life. i don't wanna wonder no more.

as i have mentioned before, a lot of friends have left here at work. from then until my sojourn home last month, i have entertained thoughts of a new life elsewhere, too. i can see that my life's plateau-ing here already. and i realize i really want to face new challenges and be open to something different in my life.

at last i'm acknowledging that it's time to take that step forward and make some fundamental changes in my life now. hopefully the change will do me good.

it's time to meet new people, see new worlds and continue to build bridges of friendship around. =)

October 01, 2007

Back at Work

just got back from iligan. it's fiesta time once again. all us siblings went home. and all of mommy's siblings were home, too. with two of them leaving again for work this week. one is going back to qatar and the other to dubai. i'm kinda imagining myself being that far away from home and rarely having the time to come home. it's quite daunting. if only i do not have to be that far just to earn a living and buy my dream house.

we rarely have this kind of gatherings now. i almost never come home. last time i came back was during last year's fiesta, too. had swimming at timoga and took pics of our old school. it's painted a pink color now. this year, we all of us in the family were there. ang saya! langga enjoyed it so much also, especially the parade. we also dropped by st. michael's cathedral to pay homage to our patron saint, Saint Michael the Archangel. look at our pics here:

we also swam again at timoga. mommy always has a clan reunion during fiesta.

here we are trying to sweat it out at a local bowling lane just near our house. hehe... super saya! bowling is one of the favorite bonding activity in our family. i remember when i was younger, my parents often take part in their company bowling competition. and boy, my parents have quite a knack at knocking them pins down. kuya and esmuky also have the strong arms for this feat. and so can langga. see her pushing the ball down the lane. hehe..