October 01, 2007

Back at Work

just got back from iligan. it's fiesta time once again. all us siblings went home. and all of mommy's siblings were home, too. with two of them leaving again for work this week. one is going back to qatar and the other to dubai. i'm kinda imagining myself being that far away from home and rarely having the time to come home. it's quite daunting. if only i do not have to be that far just to earn a living and buy my dream house.

we rarely have this kind of gatherings now. i almost never come home. last time i came back was during last year's fiesta, too. had swimming at timoga and took pics of our old school. it's painted a pink color now. this year, we all of us in the family were there. ang saya! langga enjoyed it so much also, especially the parade. we also dropped by st. michael's cathedral to pay homage to our patron saint, Saint Michael the Archangel. look at our pics here:

we also swam again at timoga. mommy always has a clan reunion during fiesta.

here we are trying to sweat it out at a local bowling lane just near our house. hehe... super saya! bowling is one of the favorite bonding activity in our family. i remember when i was younger, my parents often take part in their company bowling competition. and boy, my parents have quite a knack at knocking them pins down. kuya and esmuky also have the strong arms for this feat. and so can langga. see her pushing the ball down the lane. hehe..

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