September 28, 2012

Diyandi Festival in Iligan

saw this vid on YouTube. am reposting just so anyone can take a peek at what's happening here in our little corner of the world.

Home Again

we're back in iligan for a 5-day vacation, mainly to attend this year's fiesta celebration.

a funny incident happened when we touched down at the airport in cagayan de oro. i was looking out the window when i suddenly noticed two ground crew running after something. looking ahead, i saw three more crew running. then there it was... the object of the race... a black dog scampering around in the runway. hahaha, only in the philippines!!! 

well, we're going out tonight to visit my aunty alma and mamimiyesta kami in advance.  ",)

due to a friend's request, am posting pics from the baking class i took several weeks back. really enjoyed it!
i now know how to make pizza pie crust. syempre, iyong simple lang, hindi iyong may cheesy crust or something.

look at this swedish tea ring, sobrang hindi adept ang fingers ko in all the twisting and turning. kelangan pa ng practice talaga!
ma-trabaho ang pag-gawa ng pastry dough. at wala pa akong pastry dough ruler, di ko pa ito magagawa sa ngayon. pero try ko bumili na lang muna ng dough. hahaha... shortcut, kumbaga. basta ma-practice lang muna ang pag-gawa ng croissant. at natuto na din ako gumawa ng ensaymada, sa wakas. i want to try experimenting on variants of this special ensaymada, as suggested by our mentor, especially as we have lots of green veggies and rootcrops in our farm.

ito na muna. have more pics from our cake decorating class. 

for now, inuunti-unti ko pa ang mga gamit ko for baking. i have mentioned sometime before (when i was still in dubai) that i have become fond of this new hobby. medyo magastos (ehem, magastos talaga). but im so happy there's an as is where is store where i can get surplus items from gourdo's at 50% off. happy dance again!