April 28, 2008

Mygz and Maven

yesterday was the baptism of mygz, colleague jane's gwapo son. ",) celebration was super bongga. this child has been very much anticipated in both sides of the family. he looks like a koreano with his tiny slits called eyes.

and a couple of weeks before that, it was maven's baptism, daughter of roommie tikz. how fast time flies. it seems only months ago when we went to dagupan for her wedding. then she announced she was pregnant. now she's got a little girl already. kainggit!

April 25, 2008

A Very Special Love

wala lang... trip, trip lang. bigla akong nag-crave magkaroon ng Magic Sing. di naman kasingganda ng boses ni tikz ang boses ko, pero para akong hibang na gustong gusto magkaroon nito.

a certain song keeps playing in my head. looked it up in the song list. sadly however, it wasn't there. sayang! but anyway, i'm posting the lyrics here. have been nagging everyone at the lab if they knew the lyrics of the song. drei was quick to join in on the humming and the recalling.. hahaha.. and so finally i decided to google it. it's a song by maureen ncgovern.

A Very Special Love

I never believed in love
I was deceived by love,
I never had much luck with lovers before

I could'nt compete,
I seem just part of the street
to be walked on by everyone, but then..

I found a very special love in you,
Its a feeling that's so totally new
Over and over its burning inside.
I found a very special love in you,
and it almost breaks me in two
Squeezin' me tighter
and I’m never gonna let go.

You're not like the rest,
I know you’re one of the best
you give more than you should
and take nothing in return (in return)

Stay always with me,
and I always will bethe one person that you can
count on always to love you

And I found a very special love in you,
Its a feeling that's so totally new
Over and over its burning inside,
I found a very special love in you
and it almost breaks me in two
squeezin me tighter,
And I’m never gonna let go.

must be time to find that very special love. ",)

April 23, 2008

Lifetime Love

in keeping with my easter blog theme of time for everything, allow me to post a favorite song of mine which is a real classic. it is a song by my favorite crooner, Jose Mari Chan.

A Love To Last A Lifetime

We're all just merely passing through

Doing what we can do for a lifetime

We have more than one adventure to take

More than one dream to make in our lifetime.

As for me there's only one dream

And that's to love you my love

With a love to last a lifetime

We're fools we sometimes do crazy things

And our hearts would take wings like a sparrow

But that's life, we'll take each day as it comes

Never leaving the crumbs for the morrow

As for me, all of my days I will spend them all with you

Loving you with love to last a lifetime.

If we all could leave something lasting behind

to be remembered by

Just a song for me and then at least

I would have tried

I agree, it's not so much what we have

As how we use what we have in our lifetime

Thirty years is worth a hundred and two

It's really what we can do in our lifetime

All my love i would give for as long as I may live

With a love, true love, to last a lifetime.

anytime is a time for Love.

April 22, 2008

LakbaySining - R. Firmeza #1

have been feeling a little sad lately..

can't quite put my finger on it. heavy hearted again, maybe...

sharing another prose, this time written by a mass leader in the Cagayan Valley area, Ruth Firmeza. storms have become a part of life in our part of the world. well, not as often as they do visit in my friend glo's province, bicol. anyway, i do believe there's more to storms than normally heard of or talked about. and isn't it that storms represent our struggles in this life?

Pagkatapos ng Unos

Pagkatapos ng unos, kay liwanag ng paligid
ang nakalukob na dilim, sandaling napalis
matigas na lupa'y lumambot sa. tubig
mga kahoy na basa'y madaling maparikit
Sa init ng tag-araw, lamig ang humalili
ang sikat ng araw ay laging nakakubli
ulan ang dala ng ulap na laging nakatabi
sa tuktok niyong bundok na may hiwagang iwi-iwi
Ulan, kawangis mo ang luha ng hinanakit
sa mga buhay na kay aagang naibuwis
sa mga kasamang di matagpuan at nangapipiit
sa kanilang mga di na daranas pa ng dusa at pasakit
Pagkatapos ng bagyo, dugo ay titigas
sa lupa, sa kariton, sa sementong nakalatag
mapupunasan ng tubig ang liku-likong landas
durog na laman at buto'y hihimlay na sa wakas
Ka Romeo, Ka Grey, Ka Dennis
kaylakas ng unos nang kayo ay nasawi
sa lakas ng hangin waring mga dahong tinangay
ng ipu-ipo't buhawi
Humimlay kayo at ang awit ninyo'y nasa amin lagi
ang alab nito'y di magbabawa kahit kaunti
at ang mga basang daho'y magbabagang muli
tulad ng mata naming basa sa luha at pighati.

Real Champs

the sportsfest in our plant held the championship last thursday.

somehow ended up rooting for the underdogs at basketball. in fairness though, the winning team really prepared. and what a feast they had after the event!

April 14, 2008

Time for a New Baby

yehey!! i just bought a new laptop. it's my new Packard Bell very portable 15-inch gadget for now.

trish kindly accompanied me to Gilmore to scout for the buy. we've been goin' over there for a while now, waiting to find a good deal. already received my bsib shares for last year and so there i went before the cash starts disappearin'.

moved from one store to another makin' our comparison of the descriptions. finally saw one at pc express. was about to buy the unit having confirmed my credit balance at the cashier when somebody offered another brand at their store across the street. she actually just asked if i would just try and take a look. we thought, why not? i can always come back to this first one if i didn't like it. so off we went and looked at the second one. looked at it, touched it, felt it with my fingertips and finally decided i liked it better than the one before. ended up buying my packard bell easynote baby.

have been really feelin' it ever since i acquired it. lovin' it so much now. =)

April 09, 2008

At Gilly's for Jings Birthday

ang lakas kumanta ni mark!

we decided to eat out for jing's birthday. went to paseo and finally chose gilly's. while placing our order, napagdiskitahan namin si mark. inuudyukan nila meanne at lexa na dapat kumanta siya dahil may birthday celebrant kaming kasama. and he did just that. binigla kaming lahat nang may sumisigaw pagdala ng unang entree. sigaw nga yata iyon, hindi kanta... hehe.

bday celeb d gals with 'Mark'

April 02, 2008

Another Has Flown the Cuckoo's Nest

another one of our colleagues has announced his resignation. technically he is no longer with mnc because he joined m__. now he has resigned, to seek better opportunities in the UK.

randypot, we'll surely miss you. hope to see more pictures of d family (especially pfrr) in the future, kahit sa emails man lang.

all the best to you and didith, and pfrr!