April 14, 2008

Time for a New Baby

yehey!! i just bought a new laptop. it's my new Packard Bell very portable 15-inch gadget for now.

trish kindly accompanied me to Gilmore to scout for the buy. we've been goin' over there for a while now, waiting to find a good deal. already received my bsib shares for last year and so there i went before the cash starts disappearin'.

moved from one store to another makin' our comparison of the descriptions. finally saw one at pc express. was about to buy the unit having confirmed my credit balance at the cashier when somebody offered another brand at their store across the street. she actually just asked if i would just try and take a look. we thought, why not? i can always come back to this first one if i didn't like it. so off we went and looked at the second one. looked at it, touched it, felt it with my fingertips and finally decided i liked it better than the one before. ended up buying my packard bell easynote baby.

have been really feelin' it ever since i acquired it. lovin' it so much now. =)

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