September 27, 2011

Bagyong Pepeng is here

i woke up and it's dark. my niece told me there's brownout.

September 22, 2011

Mister God's Face

Happy birthday Lolo Francis and Francis Thomas, wherever you both may be!

Mister God, once again I call on you to guide me in this life. I remember my blogs 5 years ago about lolo and Tom-Tom. Here's another excerpt from the book Mister God, This is Anna.

" One day Anna and Fynn attended mass. In the homily Fr. Castle, the pastor, spoke a lot about God. Anna noticed that he spoke a lot about "knowing" God and "seeing" God. And the pastor said that one day we would see God face to face. Anna paid close attention to what the pastor was saying but Fynn noticed that the little girl did not agree.

Suddenly Anna grabbed Fynn by the hand and whispered to him, though loud enough that those nearby could hear: "What will the pastor do when it comes out that God has no face, not even eyes? How then will people see God face to face?" Then she moved even closer and added:
"I'll tell you, Fynn, that Mister God has no face. He sees all of us on earth, every single one. But to do that, He does not have to turn around at all or even squint. See, Fynn, you and I have a front and a back. If I want to see something behind me, I've got to turn around because I don't have any eyes on back. But God only has a front and no back. He can look everywhere without turning."

How I wish I can look at life and understand and accept its mysteries in the simplicity that this little girl can. I just maybe have to start looking up to God without thought of His physical appearance, much less His face-lessness. I have to strengthen my faithfulness.