January 30, 2008


had my assessment yesterday. we hold our competency assessment with the boss every six months to see if we still are meeting our KPIs in line with department and corporate directions. am being measured on some competencies that are quite different from the rest of the group, handling specialized technical functions on nutrition, documentation and regulatory affairs for so long now. i do know i'm quite competent on these aspects.

turned out quite well. =) suddenly realized i do have worth to my boss and colleagues. but i've been thinking about moving these past few weeks.

oh well, i can still put this thought at parking bay for the meantime.

January 22, 2008

KO Presentation

i've had quite a realization..

nice text message a friend forwarded to me: contentment is not the achievement of what you want but rather the realization of how blessed you are for all that you have now.

this is such a nice quote. i do feel blessed. so much! but still, this won't stop me from going after my dreams.

have been talking over with my sis-in-law on some matters about teaching / training. was so happy to tell her about the training we had on presentation skills. we had no other than mr. anthony pangilinan himself as our speaker for the two batches of training we had. my group won in a competition on knockout presentations! yipee!!!

January 16, 2008

Happy News

we were told we'd be having a module on presentation skills as part of the mldp program in the plant. i'm so looking forward to this session. i know i have to polish on my audience impact and engaging end of presentation.

had dinner with batchmate jhosie last weekend. only learned then that luanne was leaving for singapore the next day. glad to have had the opportunity to talk again with high school batchmates joyce and donabel, too. also remembered that i just caught up with batchmates jegs and blythe on facebook and so glad to learn that they just got married this month.

met with jayne and anna the weekend before. plans for sing were hatched. anna called last night to ask if i could come with her to lb for the english translation of our diploma.

January 07, 2008

New Year Sale

spent the weekend with friends anna and jayne. went windowshopping, bought groceries, and decided to sleep over at anna's apartment. i ended up reading real living mag to get me to sleep.

went to MOA. it's having its Mother Of All sale until the 13th. will probably be back with my roomie and hausmeyts. happy shopping one and all!

January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

a blessed 2008 to everybody!