August 31, 2012

This August Life

After some time I was finally able to re-connect with some friends and re-logged myself to the web. Was just too happy reading about what's been going on in my friends lives, happy to make a video greeting for my ex-boss's 50th bday bash, chatted and texted with Monde friends again, excited to hear that glo is slowly settling in singapura but tearful to hear of the passing of two batchmates from Pisay just these recent weeks. Jessie and RosyJen, you'd be sorely missed!

Am back in Manila and staying with kuya's family. Am all geared up for some training-seminars.

Even with august measures and strife, well, life goes on. And am grateful that I am still standing strong (even if just mentally and emotionally) amidst all difficulties. Thanks to family and friends.

A Study in Dignity

This summer I have been closely following Jang Dong Gun’s new koreanovela – A Gentleman’s Dignity. I have to admit I did not immediately watch it right from Day 1 of its showing on TV. I have already started with I Do, I Do (an equally funny romantic comedy, too), that’s why. But every time I see the postings of photos and stills from its episodes on HanCinema (where I go to get my regular dose of Korean entertainment news and updates) I keep getting curious about this new drama. The reviews have been saying some interesting things. Then I saw my mom starting to watch it but she got frustrated with the slow streaming on some channels. So I offered to find her good sites for her viewing; thus, of course I then was able to watch it along with her. We both were shocked at JDG’s new look- he’s too thin!! Much too thin, I daresay.

I found the drama quite hilarious actually. It has a fine selection of cast and characters, superbly funny lines (with some undertones, mind you). In fact, it’s been described as Korea’s male version of Sex in the City. It’s targetted towards mature audience. What got me interested was the show’s descript about the characters reaching the age of 40 and the various problems they are facing at this stage of life. I thought : “Oh my, I’m fast approaching this age. I better watch this. So I did. And I got addicted.

Though I found it weird that a forty year old is talking about unrequited love at that age… woohoo… And a thirty-six year old teacher is acting like a love-struck high-schooler. I couldn’t really believe myself getting hooked on this drama. Waaah!

I’m posting here the rules JDG’s character (Do Jin) cooked up on one-sided love.

Yikesss! So teeny-bopper!  

So to all my friends who share my Kdrama addiction, watch out for this if you still haven’t gotten hooked. I know this is so kikay of me. Where did I throw my dignity to? Note to self: Learn to muster some form of dignity at the very least.  :-)