September 25, 2007

Pia in the House

My housemate back in college came home for a month. I've always referred to her as my genius friend. Anyone who've had the chance to know this gal knows that she's got brains all right. Alam niyo yong tipong, hirap na hirap ka na sa kaka-imagine ano nga ba itsura ng molecules or whatever chemical structure there is? Siya hindi... nungka! Kayang-kaya niya i-picture in her mind. Grabe! At magaling pa magturo. (Hehe... may bayad na 'to ha.)

Pia just finished her stint (is this the right word?) with GE. She has transferred to Beckton-Dickinson. She says she's through with the cornfields environment. Now it's time to move to the city. Pang'sex in the city' daw beauty niya. Haha. She has been accepted in the New Jersey office and will be working on injectibles she says- or wait a minute, was it injections? Ok, there, i actually forgot.

Just suddenly received a text from her while i was at a meeting with the bosses. Her number did not immediately register with me, so i had to ask who the sender was. Upon learning it was her, we immediately set a meet-up.

Had dinner with her new someone. He's Adam and she is his Eve. Friend ola stayed with me at the staffhouse and went with pia for the rest of her stay in the south. Also met with jayne and CS friends ansel, pearl and alvin. We all ate to our fill (in fact, maybe more than our fill). Grabe, gluttony na ata 'yon. Thanks for the pasalubong din pala! Ang bango!

Hope to see you again in the not so distant future. Well here are some of the pics i got from them friends. =)

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