December 18, 2007

Daddy's Here

daddy just got back from guillen, china last night. we met up with him for dinner tonight.

he had a great but very cold visit there. he had been texting us that the cold just seems to creep right up into him even with three layers of clothes he had on. my dad is not used to cold climate. all of us in the family aren't. my kuya and i would be trembling wrapped up in our blanket when we get to be billeted in a hotel for visits to other places. perhaps it's just esmuky who is the most likely to get used to the cold easily. after all, he's got a thicker layer of insulation on him than kuya and me. daddy regretted not having taken with him both pairs of thermal pants and jackets that kuya had borrowed for him. he only took one pair. so there, he felt really, really cold.

their host had invited three of them auditors to some fancy places and he was quite excited taking pictures. although he would rather stay in the warm room at the hotel than go wandering outside in the cold. a couple of days before coming back home, the three of them asked to be transferred to a warmer city so they can still have a little time exploring outside in the not so cold climate.

they went out and looked for pasalubong that they can take back home. daddy however had to carefully handcarry a delicately designed porcelain vessel which he bought for mommy. mabuti na lang hindi nabasag. we had to look for a more appropriate packaging for it when he got here since he still had to bring it to dumaguete then finally to iligan.

i also have seven more boxes for him to take home to mommy for christmas giveaways. i'm having them sent through him since i won't be going home this Christmas. i'll be spending my vacation with kuya.

i am trying to see how it would feel being away from home on Christmas vacation. i just know it would feel so different.

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