August 15, 2008

Go Phelps, Go!

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can't help it. i'm a phelps fan!

just couldn't breathe every time he competes. i really do so want him to get those 8 golds. but if he doesn't, i'm still a big fan.

not a swimmer myself, but i love watching the olympic swimming competitions. i have to hold my breath in those seconds before they hit the buzzer. just last summer, i have tried to learn how to swim, making the most use of the swimming pool at our staffhouse. especially that i have already planned on leaving. the good news there is that i was at last able to float. i've been trying for the longest time to do this. just was so scared of the waters for so long. this time i was able to conquer that fear. and all thanks to camille who had to bear with me patiently, teaching me how to breathe and move my legs. i'm not good though. it's enough for me that i was at last able to float! hahaha...

but phelps is another story. he's just awesome.

go, phelps, go. go for eight!

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