February 21, 2007


I've had such a long day.

Woke up early this morning as I'm on the 6-2 shift. Barely made it on time. Had breakfast in front of my computer, tending to the handful mails that needed replying. Then the samples started trickling in. Had to do all the necessary preparation for testing. Lab Aide reported in to get clearance. She has already finished her contract with us. Tended to her appraisal report. The inspctors meantime hurriedly scuttled past me before I catch them whiling the hour away just making small talk.

Boss came in weary and sad. Her nephew passed away last Monday due to dengue. Dengue!! Goodness! It strikes anytime, anywhere and on any age now. Well, we had to listen to her feeble attempt at words for a few minutes. It was a real loss for her family.

Went to hear mass during lunchbreak. It's Ash Wednesday, see.

Went back to my nutrition calculations and product labelling evaluation. Did sensory testing (profiling) at 3pm.

In between my emails, reports, letters to agencies and sample prep... gosh! Time's gone so fast. I've been here at work for almost 17 hours now.

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