March 29, 2007


Today I met a kind soul. I was hurrying to get to a seminar regarding updates on laboratory techniques that was sponsored by one of our suppliers, Merck. But being in the heart of Makati just spells some kind of disaster for me. Then there was this young lady who had the heart to help me out by giving me directions on how to get to the venue. Bless her for her kindness. Because of her I was early there, was able to take breakfast first and even got a token for being one of the earliest to arrive. God bless her indeed for letting me feel blessed, too.

In our life, we meet people who we can consider friends or acquaintances, if even for a brief moment. They either helped us up at one time, or held our hand, or touched our heart in certain ways that told us their hearts have spoken to our heart... again even if for just a moment.

I have met my angel for the day.


kyo said...


supplier niyo pala si Richard?


Gigay said...

wehehe!!! kyo ha! hmm...