July 02, 2007

Life's Journey

We had a one-day olympics last Saturday back in the plant premises. Our team won, yey! Go Purple Team! Go for the Win! hehe...

I had fun watching my teammates and the other teams play. In fact i got tired watching, hahaha. I'm not really the sporty type, you see. I cheered, silently. teeheehee. my roommie anne cooked sinigang for lunch at the staffhouse and boy, were we hungry! after cleaning up and washing the dishes, we dashed to Rowena's at tagaytay for some apple pie, blueberry pie and what-nots for her sister anna's birthday. rowena's apple pie are to-die- for. just simply scrumptious! we snacked on carrot cake and i sampled their minty cappuccino while anne had mango shake.

we dropped by sta rosa heights on the way up to take a look at the house she's been saving up for and there started our discussion on financial matters. i tried sharing what i learned from the sessions i've attended on financial management. have been attending classes on this um-important aspect in my life right now. thanks to my sis-in-law for keeping me in the loop on this arena. tito bo's community has been organizing sessions on this topic. and even with him in the US right now, i'm so grateful that i was able to attend. even met another Iliganon there, the sister of my classmate in elementary. the speaker was also from Iligan. did some homework to monitor my cashflow, and i realized that much of my expenses these past 2 years have been on travels. of course, had a defensive stance on this one thing in the world that i enjoy so much! will probably do some de-prioritization for the time being while i build on that emergency fund and wealth fund.

my travels, haaay... i get such high when i'm on the road. i really, really enjoy the planning, the booking, the flying/roadtripping, etc. the photos do not even actually compare with the actual experience and the myriad of insights one gets from the journey, the people, the places, the food, nature and so much more. i cannot explain it.

yesterday's responsorial psalm reminded me of my life's journey and the guidance i will continually need from the Lord. "Panginoon, gabayan niyo po kami sa aming paglalakbay." i will need more of Him, and will continue to seek His loving guidance and merciful grace whenever and wherever I may be. we never know when this life's journey will end and how. like my good Uncle Nanding who really took time to drive me to and fetch me from my office whenever he was here in Sta Rosa. heard from my mom that he died last Friday due to a heart attack while at work in Saudi. may the Lord bless his good soul.

"There is great meaning in life for those who are willing to journey."
- Jim England

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