August 11, 2007

Lead Me Lord

there's new development here at the lab. blah, blah... but that's work.

on another note, it's been two months since queen moved to a new job. she's back in the city... seeing the city lights, walking the streets once more, watching the usual city sights again. sometimes i feel melancholic just thinking about my friend. and sometimes, i too think of the what might be - and mind you, these are big IF's in my life right now.

for almost five years now i've been having thoughts about shifting careers. this was triggered by the dire need to augment my present income. times are getting harder day by day. and one of the things i learned is that i need to add to my income streams. i've had my hand at some business of some sorts, but i realized i'm not that much of a business person myself. maybe someday, i'd be more determined, more patient, more focused.

however, the last couple of years have seen me pining for something more. i can't describe it well. i just know that there's something deep inside me that's telling me to go and take another road. i wish i'd have the inner strength to go through with it. and i pray that the Lord lead me to where i'm going.

but for now, i will be here to continually support my family in whatever endeavour we'd next find ourselves in.

"Comfort me through all the pain that life may bring
You're the only hope that I can lean upon
Lead me Lord, lead me all my life.
Walk by me, walk by me across the lonely road that I may face
Take my arms and let your hand show me the way."

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