November 14, 2009

After All This Time

Got home quite late last night. I was hurrying to make it to the early bus but already it has gone by the time i got to the bus stop. Anyway, when the next bus came and i was sitting on the front row there was this lady wearing an EK uniform who came to sit beside me. She was a kabayan.

She called up someone from the US who turned out to be her fiancee. After some time, she chatted with me and i came to know that she is engaged to her boyfriend from 23 years ago. They have both gone their own separate ways and had in fact gotten married but separated. They came to see each othe again thru facebook. imagine that! the romance got rekindled and soon they'll be getting married to each other. She relates it's the most wonderful feeling. because only now did she feel peace with one other soul, this one person who she plans to be with for the rest of her life. And she has prayed to the Lord to give her exactly what she got now.

It's such a wonderful story. And i'm such the hopeless romantic. She asked me to pray for her and their future. I surely will. Annie, i am sure the Lord has granted you your heart's desire. You deserve it.

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