October 29, 2010

Home for the Fiesta: Diyandi Festival

it's almost end of october now. walastek! di man lang nakapag-oktoberfest sa pinas....

anyway, nakapag-celebrate naman ako ng fiesta sa amin. Iligan's Diyandi Festival was a week-long celebration in honor of our patron saint, St. Michael the Archangel. although i only got towards the end part of it, the culmination of the festivities through its parade and Kasadya street dancing competition.

stayed for a few days in manila to do a bit of shopping (as my mom sent me on an errand for some early christmas shopping habang wala pang christmas rush). went home on a sunday, the 26th. my package from dubai came the day before. i already sent some stuff for home about 6 weeks before so that i wouldn't be burdened with a lot of stuff in my baggage. so it was really very timely. it was like i brought a big balikbayan box along with me. and i happily opened the package bringing out one surprise after another. though i had like two jumbo bottles of Pantene shampoo that got spilled onto a few blouses i sent, and so had some clothes washed before they get stains all over them.

kuya, chi and langga arrived on tuesday and quickly asked to watch the march in the city streets. sayang, would have loved to get one of those shirts they sell in the Mugna. anyway, here are a few pics from our city fiesta.

and with relatives coming over for the clan's meeting in preparation for the annual clan reunion.. and of course, just for simply hanging around with loved ones.


Glo said...

glad to see you took a break to spend with family.

A. B. said...

yeah, it was a very wonderful vacation.

anSeL said...

sarap naman! enjoy!

Pearl said...

ayy...naguluhan ako abs. san ka na ngayon? akala ko pauwi ka pa lang. when did you go to the Phils? btw, nice pics:-)

A. B. said...

thanks ansel & pearl.

hahaha... sorry pearl, pabalik na itong recount ko sa bakasyon ko. umuwi ako noong end-september. it was 30 days leave kaya wala nagpa-doble lang ako ng size ko. hehe.

grabe, sumikip na nga ang uniform ko. but i truly enjoyed my stay. nag-family bonding kami. ",)