December 04, 2011

2nd Sunday of Advent

woke up to a rainy Sunday morning. took a bath and went to hear mass at the clubhouse. it's already the second Sunday of Advent. and still in consonance with the Advent readings, today's sermon is about our personal preparation for the Lord's coming- filling in of the uneven roads in our life (making up for what we lack / omissions), making straight the path (giving up vices, admitting our wrongs), levelling the mountains into plains (humbling ourselves, putting out our pride), basically stop sinning or trying our level best not to commit to sin anymore. Father was reminding us about the coming Simbang Gabi and how the clusters are gonna be handling the mass sponsorship.

stopped by the grocery and bought tinapay and cookies. just got back home and cooked breakfast. had a hearty meal of daing, corned beef and scrambled eggs. ang sarap kumain pag umuulan. and the daing smelled of dried pusit. this came from indonesia, one of their delicacies. sarap, ang lutong!

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