April 08, 2012

Easter's Here

Happy Easter to everyone!

Just came from a spiritually challenging retreat at our farm in ZDS. 'Twas a good time to re-kindle old ties once again with our relatives who are helping us in our farm.

Went around and ate a lot during the day and listened to my parents, uncles and aunts share stories of the hey-days during the night. I even held a film showing of the Ten Commandments as it is Lent and of course, they requested Tagalog films. Well, there was much discussion on religion and religiosity in view of the culture of the people in the bukids. Also, i learned a little bit more and was able to glean some kind of understanding about my parents which made me appreciate them more. Love you both!

Again, let me share this link to a fave song of mine during this season of lent.

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