February 28, 2013

Simply Forty

whoa! just a single entry for this month, and it's on the last day of the month already (our dog Ziva's nine puppies are one month-old already! yipee!). march starts tomorrow.

celebrated my 40th birthday simply, with my family and close relatives. we all could fit at the table, we were that few. yes, few but still happy. daddy will be coming home this weekend to celebrate with us. i originally thought of not celebrating but changed my mind at the last minute. my mom was surprised yesterday when i bought groceries and some food items for chicken salad and food for the gods which i asked her to help me out with. we made it last night so that we only had to cook viands today. my aunty tata from next door even gave me a cake. it was a simple celebration, but a celebration nonetheless- thanking God for 40 good years. the only hitch was that a brownout suddenly occurred. so we dined and chatted and laughed (not to mention, me and my mom were at each other's throat) all throughout our candle-lit dinner. :-) there were two lads who suddenly appeared and sang Give Thanks. later on we learned they were members of a youth club and going around soliciting for donation. one of my nieces present uttered, "aunty gigik is so lucky somebody even came to sing for her." a blessing maybe?  then my mom told me to blow out a candle which i placed in a small glass bottle since it was way too small already. my niece Abbie (same name, yeah) got so ecstatic when the lights suddenly turned on right at the very moment i blew out the candle. her face was all aglow, so i just said, "see i just blew my birthday candle". and she clapped her hands, hahaha, gleefully saying, "yehey, good aunty gigik blew the candle".

ahh, life's simple pleasures!

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Pearl said...

Happy 40th Ab! YOu are a blessing to your family and friends, like me.
Many more blessings to come!
Love yah,