August 28, 2006

Bohol lakwatsa

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Thank goodness for long weekends! Because of the Ninoy Aquino holiday, I was able to go out on a travelling romp down in the island of Bohol. Went there with my two friends, teret and vivsky. They've been planning to get out of their office and only finally managed to do so now after two years since their trip to Camiguin. After some other pals backed out, i readily consented to go when teret called me up to ask if I can come with them.
Wow, we were all pretty excited about the trip especially since it is the first time for us to go there. And luckily, the people speak Bisaya, my native tongue. We felt confident we will not get lost since i can talk the language. We had a wonderful time. The days were lazily spent idling around in the beach, eating out and just lazing under the sun by day and gazing at the stars by night while playing a game of "Paramihan ng ...."
Check out these pictures:
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1 comment:

ruth said...

ganda ng beach! gusto ko umuwi!!!

in which resort did you stay? ok ba?