October 04, 2006

The Prize of Nobelity

I posted a blog on my yahoo360 site about this. Andrew Fire and Craig Mello received the 2006 Nobel award for medicine or physiology for having found a mechanism of gene silencing thru what is now more popularly known as RNA interference. This has opened up an avenue of medical possibilities. Just imagine if one is able to manipulate gene activity which might in some way pave the way to inhibiting genetic processes which may in fact be the route of acquiring disease infections? For a while now, studies conducted using RNA interference have looked at how genes function and how they may be used as a defense mechanism against viral infections.

Discoveries like this certainly ups our hopes of one day seeing answers to long-held medical bafflements. RNA interference -- Could this be the answer to our battle with diseases like cancer, viral hepatitis and AIDS? With biotechnologists putting their bet on it, let us certainly hope so.

Last year at about this same time, my College roommate Pia, who studied and worked at MIT, jubilantly announced to us that her advisor/professor was one among the three 2006 Nobel laureates in chemistry. Also, at about this same time last year, another friend called to let me know her papa died. Yesterday was her papa’s first death anniversary. Glo, your papa made certain he'd be thought of today. My prayers go with you and your family.

Hurrah to all thee who endeavor to make this world a better place. There’s no greater honor than seeing one’s efforts pay off and contributing to the betterment of humanity. All successes come with struggling , and maybe a little, nay, a lot of failing along the way. For one who has wrought destruction via the dynamite, Alfred Nobel realized that lifelong efforts are more meaningful when these are made to serve the human race. Thus, the Nobel Prizes came to be.

And I think personally, one does not necessarily need to win a
Nobel prize to serve humanity. In our own simple ways we can be good models by giving value to life and by honoring and uplifting our fellowmen. When our time comes to leave this earth, wouldn’t it be nice to know deep inside that you’ve made a difference in other people’s lives? Now, that’s noble!

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