January 25, 2007

Am Still Here

Finally, I have time for blogging. The past weeks have been much too hectic with a lot of planning to do (Christmas shopping, going home for the holidays, and of course, my birthday getaway—I know, it’s much too soon, but that’s me.. I want to get organized early). Add to that, juggling my time between my own work and sub-ing for a colleague. And last month, there was a party to go to every night since the 16th. I barely had enough time to sleep because I was on an erratic shifting sched. Honestly, I was a walking zombie when I arrived home last Christmas! Christmas passed by in a blur because I lacked sleep.

And coming back after new year meant getting those seemingly never-ending year-end reports completed. But here I am now, ready to dive into blogging once again.

I haven’t had the time to post about my trips before the previous year ended, so there’s gonna be an installment of some sort on that one in the coming weeks. Plus, I’ll be featuring my mom’s account of her lakbay on my site this week. Some guest blogger, huh?

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