March 13, 2008

Can't Wait for Moore

still euphoric over the past weeks as i have just celebrated my birthday. friend kwin called me up three days ago to invite me to come with her to see a concert by.. guess who...
oops, secret's out- it's there in my blog's title.

i'm not really a big fan of mandy moore, or of any singing celebrity for that matter. just not that fond of concerts, you see. my ears usually can't take the loud sounds. but then, this is mandy moore.. and it's free!!!!! here at eastwood. wow! thanks to kwin, er, to kwin's pa who gave the tickets away. at vip seats!

i could hardly contain my excitement. got off work early, met kwin at makati then proceeded to eastwood city to meet her sister Papols and brother Snap.

the night's front act was by crooner Richard Poon who sang standards so beautifully, kwin was saying 'crush ko na siya' a few songs after and then 'love ko na siya' when he sang a sharon cuneta song much to her delight (obviously her favorite).
mandy moore is a big gal. and pretty in her purplish dress. we were entertained by the band. selections included new ones released in a new album. and lots of her own composition. music was enjoyable. and may i add, there were even a few number of celebrities among the crowd. it was a bit funny when mandy gave a few minutes to answer questions from her fans and the last one went something like this:

Mandy: alright, i wanna take in one last question now. let's have that one over there. there.. yes, you.. you.. the girl in pink (or something..)
Girl: Hi Mandy!
Mandy: Hello!
Girl: First of all, i'm not a girl.. i'm a gay. (there erupted a round of laughter from the audience)
Mandy: Oh, i'm sorry!
Girl/Gay now: It's okay.....

Hahaha!! that really made my night! everyone burst into laughter at the exchange and all heads were turned to this lucky, happy mandy fan. grabe, ang saya! we ended up talking about it during dinner over pasta and pizza at the 2nd floor and even until the next morning.

really had fun! thanks kwin!

am uploading here a video clip of the concert. got loads of 'em. pero pareho din nito, nakakahilo yong ibang part dahil hindi steady ang kamay ko.

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