March 13, 2008

Injured and Endured

arrrgh... sakit ng bungo ko. yep.. bungo.. hindi ulo, bungo.

was on my way back to work early this morning as i slept over at friend kwin's home having watched mandy moore's concert last night. she dropped me off at around six at the alabang jeepney terminal. i was still trying to keep myself awake due to the late night before. we were already on the south expressway going to balibago when all of a sudden the metal handlebar above my head gave in. apparently there was this man on my side of the jeep who was so sleepy and was clutching at the handlebar all through the ride. maybe his grip was so heavy, i do not know really, but it gave. it totally gave.... and i got whacked on the head! huhuhu... nobody else got hit, the others only had a brush-off by their knees or legs, etc. but i, i got hit on the head.... waaah!!!

super sakit, grabe. had to keep massaging my scalp, my skull and the most hit area was my left orbit or eye socket. feeling ko talaga, disfigured na ang bungo ko. di ko pa naman makita ang sarili ko. had to endure the pain the rest of the way. sobrang sakit talaga! had to continually massage the bony orbit. pero di ko naman madiinan dahil ang sakit niya, baka lalong lumala. i just knew that i had to immediately put cold compress on it. and that's just what i did when i got off at the plant. dumiretso na ako sa clinic, halos takbuhin ko na nga e.

Some pay-off, huh! sakit! buhuhu...

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