May 31, 2008

Extending Hours at Work

mom was here for the weekend. she attended network 21's weekend seminar. saw some folks from college there. had chitchat for a few minutes and everyone had to go back to each other's home. reg had to fly back to davao that night, despite the typhoon and all. mom stayed with me at the staffhouse for a few days. packed my belongings at SRV house, and wondering how we're gonna dispose of all them things. ang dami ko din namang na-hoard na gamit since college days. halos kumpleto na din ako sa gamit pang-bahay. even have three cabinets to dispose of, not counting the one i bought for the staffhouse.

had dinner at kanin club in paseo. mom enjoyed the dishes so much and thinks of making the same when she gets home to iligan. we ate: binukadkad na tilapia, sinigang sa miso salmon belly, crispy tadyang, with thai green mango salad on the side. wow, sarap!

woke up early to bring my mom to the airport. she's headed off to iligan as she still has work and some other matters to attend to. i have hinted to her that i'm gonna be borrowing some money while i'm out looking for a job. i've only a few weeks left here at work. and i'm leaving... finally!

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