May 13, 2008

Time for Time Out

with the scheduled outing of the ranks yesterday, some of us at qa took the opportunity to relax and unwind at subic.

housemeyt joban and even meridudes recommended Camayan at subic. roommie anne has been seeing it being featured in Umagang Kay Ganda and so we all thought of trying it out. it looks pretty decent and with the reco and all, yeah, we thought "why not?"

what was originally planned to be a staff outing turned out to be a QA gimik after all. well, blame it on miscommunication and lack of planning. but with plans of leaving soon, some of us determined to make one last effort to get together and have some fun. aba, last summer outing na ito na nasa Monde pa kami!

we were all excited to go but there were those who backed out at the last minute, which was pretty much all right in a way 'coz we were perfectly comfortable in the revo that we hired for the day. av and i woke up quite early to prepare some food for our baon. of which, john commented:"akala ko ba isang araw lang tayo dito, bakit parang pang-dalawang araw baon natin?" haha... to which the answer cound only be:" mga takot magutom kasi..."

we left the plant at around 5:30am and when we arrived at Camayan, we saw that it was just like a pantalan. buhuhu... sa mahal ng entrance at cottage fees, parang na over-advertised ang lugar. may kasikipan at walang gaanong amenities. may sudden drop din sa dagat so we had to keep a safe distance from the shore. ang init sa balat kasi tubig alat talaga. walang may gustong magtagal sa tubig. buti naman at may mga bata pang enjoy sa paglalaro sa buhangin at mga teen-agers na naglalaro ng beach volley. here are some pics.

we chose Camayan because it's located just beside Subic Ocean Adventure. madali nang mangabilang bakod. hehe. it was so wonderful watching the dolphin show and sealion show.

and here's me-anne's first kiss. =)

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