June 24, 2008

June Update

June welcomes chi-chi's birthday. wasn't able to go to manila for the celebration. but she had fun celebrating at a favorite restaurant with a very nice ambience. gustong-gusto ni langga ang place! hey chi, magkasingtanda na tayo. hahaha... all the very best to you and family! stay happy and healthy. and keep on doing good.

tonki called up sometime this first week of the month. has been trying to set up a get-together with the gals in the south area of manila. aba, oo nga pala, madaming bday girls ngayong buwang 'to, herself included.

was quite excited to meet up with them. she arranged for me to go with arlene, since she lives nearby lang naman. we scheduled the meet on the 19th, holiday pareho kami ni arlene sa laguna 'coz of rizal's bday. i went to the dfa in the morning for my passport renewal application. we met at atc, talked awhile at starbucks then had dinner at a mediterranean resto on the 2nd floor. got to talk with det, elaine, hazel, tonki and arlene again. sayang wala si ate joy, bday girl din 'yon e. next time na lang daw when she's back in the pinas.

on another note, it's been a week after i talked to my boss and handed my resig letter.

marami nang nangyari. marami akong realizations....

dalawang hausmeyts na naman ang nagpaalam. sir rey and joban, we'll miss you!

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