July 19, 2008

Back to Square One

just like old times...

no work, no pay, no play.

i'm starting again from square one. trying to find work. trying to make it through the sem. trying to pay my debts. oh yes, trying to find my place in the sun. yet suddenly, i feel alive. it's like i've been awakened from a long sleep. indeed, there is a life out there.

talking about play... it was Langga's birthday yesterday. she had a simple celebration this year. soon, she'll be starting to be a lady already. she's so tall and her shoe size is already the same as mine. wow, i can barely imagine, my langga is already nine. can you believe it? wasn't it only yesterday when i received that call from my kuya while i was trying to keep myself from dozing off as i was on a night shift at work? he was so excited, you can almost hear it in his voice. "'Day, nanaganak na si Trish." (Trish has given birth. ) and guess what.. kamukha ko. (translated-- mana kay kuya dahil ako ang babaeng version ni kuya). friends would call me 'babaeng ivan" back in college.

i pray that my young niece will grow up to be a good-hearted, compassionate human being, full of passion for life and all that it has to offer. may you be strong and tough, gentle and kind, witty and wise, beautiful inside and out, and most of all, loving and loved.

we love you, langga! happy birthday!

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