July 27, 2008

A Life Or A Living?

Several months ago, i came across a blog in one of my have-to-visit sites everyday. it was at a point when i was at a crossroads in my life. i was back then trying to decide whether to continue with my current work or move on and expand my career, or more importantly expand my life. i tried to google the site again but just couldn't find it now. luckily, i was able to jot down some few notes on that one.

this article was very, very insightful. and quite wise. it was titled: Are You Working In or On Your Career? sort of the question: 'Are You Making a Life Or Making a Living?'. it talked of expanding one's dreams, creating networks and educating one's self. let me just quote some of the lines there.

"Working on your career makes you more valuable in your company and in the marketplace. It provides you with the type of security that doesn't come with a job, but which comes from being a thought leader in your area.

Continually stretch the bounds of your work, through rich interaction with both people and ideas. You'll be rewarded with an aliveness that transcends any promotion you could receive, and a satisfaction steeped equally in what you contribute and who you've become.

At this point, you might have a mixture of feelings—fear, excitement, discouragement, wonder. That’s a good thing. It means you are waking up to reality and what’s possible. You’ve lifted your head up to see the landscape more clearly. Going back to the day-to-day trenches will never be the same. Celebrate this new awareness and begin the journey."

i do so want to journey on with firm knowledge of what i truly want- a full and happy life. i want a life well-lived.

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