October 09, 2008

Eid Mubarak

We celebrated the Eid Mubarak! It’s the day that signals the end of Ramadan. This means that the fasting season has ended. Additionally, it means that there’s a three day- holiday for everyone here.

And because it’s holiday, the whole flatmates went on a swimming spree to Jumeirah Beach (all the gals, guys not included). This is the first time we were all able to come together since I arrived. More often than not, there’s just one or two of my aunt or cousins who could accompany me because everyone was working. We’d be lucky if all the nurses in the house would have the same off-days so that we can all together get around on short walks or go shopping. But now, even the other flatmates came along with us.

Wacky, our little boy at the flat (he-he.. doesn’t look little anymore, huh?) enjoyed playing in the sand so much; he wouldn’t want to come out of the water hence the ‘tan’. Sa atin, tostado na ito.

Afterwards, we then went to the open beach to go sunset watching and take pictures with the famous Burj Al Arab hotel at the background.

What’s different from the sun’s rays back home and here in Dubai is that the sun’s rays here are painful to the eyes. One really needs to wear protective eyewear when outside during the day. I think maybe it’s because there aren’t too much trees here. Whether out here in the open beach or in the desert or even in the city where the tall buildings are, the sun’s rays are very penetrating. Unlike in the tropics where the greeneries have somehow absorbed the radiation or maybe the ozone layer is still more intact back home compared to here.

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