October 09, 2008

New Place, New Phase, New Ways

For one who loves to travel, this has been one hectic move – and to think that it’s about the farthest I’ve ever been away from home.

I’ve had sudden change in plans and was ready to go along with my bro. I was just waiting to see if he’d make it in the interview by the Canadians then I’d also join the next batch for CND.
He didn’t make it however so had to push through with the original plan of going the Dubai route.

Learned at the last minute that I’ll be needing a red ribbon for my educational certificates which should be authenticated by the UAE embassy. So while waiting for that, I made the rounds of my friends just within the vicinity to say my proper goodbyes to them. There’s no telling when will be the next time I’ll be seeing them again. Definitely, I’d be flying the Cebu route and head direct for home when I come back.

Nothing in this world stays constant but change. We all have to move on with our lives. But it’s heartwarming to know that despite the distance, friendships stay strong and families continue to hold us up. I thank the Lord for His continued blessings each day.

Tatlong buwan matapos akong nagpaalam sa aking trabaho sa pinas,....grabe, sobra akong nainibago dito. May halong takot kasi alam kong kaiba ang pamamalakad dito. Pero as long as nasa tama ka naman daw, wala dapat na ikatakot. Kaya, hala... tuloy lang sa pagbabakasakali.

I’m posting pics of my favorite buildings just near where I live. I like walking at dusk when the darkness sets in and then pass by these buildings which are lighted up. They look so beautiful in actual. These photos just don’t seem to do them justice. “,)

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Glo said...

hala! palitan na ang location in the profile above. ;-) ingat ka dyan lagi. God bless.