November 22, 2010

QD Team Eid Outing

namamaga na naman ang mukha ko. it's been like this for days now, in fact almost a week already. season's changing. the air's gettin' cold. and that's where i have a problem. coz i've got an allergy to the cold winds. so here i am, with my face in blotches of mini-rashes.

i remember my birthday back in 2006 when i was in singapore with my mom, aunt and sis-in-law. my face went all puffed up. i really felt bad 'bout my look back then. now, i'm kinda getting used to it. i have not been feeling all that well though. so it kinda adds up. really feeling lousy.

but news, news, news. our outing finally happened. on the last day of the Eid Al Adha, celebrated wednesday here, my dept at work went to Fujeirah to have an outing. i really enjoyed being out of dubai for a day. though, i could not say the same for the driver. he must have been so tired. we left the airport at around 8am and got back around 10:30 in the evening.

guess i enjoyed just watching the view on the way while my colleagues were happily singing all the hindi songs that they love. i saw desert on the way and rock mountains. i was wondering really why it wasn't green from afar. when we got nearer, saw then that they were rocky.

we stopped by Friday market for tea, some shopping and of course, pics-taking.

the place we went to was an open beach. very public. i decided to not get into the water anyway. my colleagues enjoyed swimming and playing. but the water is quite salty. i sure miss our beaches back home.


anSeL said...

miss ko din beaches sa atin...

A. B. said...

ewan ko ba, ans, iba talaga ang feeling ko sa mga nakagawian ko na. iba yong freedom na nararamdaman ko na gawin ang mga bagay-bagay pag nasa atin... haaay, super attached pa rin ako sa anythig noypi.

syempre love your own.

Keys and Fingers said...

A friend's case is somewhat similar to yours, only that it's her nose that gets the allergies. She won't be having colds, but it always happens in this time of year that whitish rash forms at the tip of her nose. She didn't have that before she went to the U.S and stayed there for 10 years. Only when she came back in the Philippines that the rashes started. There probably some kind of tissue evolution that happened in between those 10 years (lol).

Btw, I have added you in my blogroll (Hotlinks, right sidebar). Hope, you'd link me up too in your blogroll/link list. Keep posting!

Thanks & God bless!

A. B. said...

ganun ba? mukha nga yatang kelangan ko na mapagamot 'to allergy ko.

thanks for adding me to ur blogroll doppelganger. sure, i'll link u up.