November 14, 2010

Sweet November

we're going to have an outing... hooray!

for a long while now, we've been taking picnics every 3 months or so. now, the bosses have finally decided to gather our dept's budget allocation for outing and take it this year. whew! we dont have to worry about food and transpo. we're just gonna go there to have fun. sa wakas makakarating na din ako sa ibang emirate. ",)

meantime, here are a few more pics from my last vacation... home sweet home!

Sept 30, Iligan- Ziplining at Ma. Cristina Falls & Nature Park Trip

my bros and mom kept insisting on our going for a ride in the white waters of cabula. so off we went for our family bonding time. the experience (nahulog si langga sa rapids), the fun (and fear), the memories... priceless!

Oct 2, CDO- Water Rafting at Cabula

mom related she wanted to visit a cousin in davao so i insisted to come along so i can meet them too. of course, didn't forget to take pics while we were road-trekking.

Oct 8, Bukidnon-Davao Road Trip - Davao City Tour

and of course, paying homage...

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