January 29, 2011

Stormy Weather

it was very dark when i went down from my flat to go to work. immediately i flagged the first cab i spotted just as it was rounding the curb towards our building. i thought i should hurry before it rains. it looked like it's gonna be heavy.

just three blocks from my place, however, i noticed it was not rain that came. the wind was picking up. and i mean picking up, like all sorts of things that can go along with it... scraps of paper, cardboard boxes, plastics, and sand- lots and lots of sand. a sandstorm was brewing and i didn't even recognize it for what it was. hardly had i seen it face-on. always i've watched sandstorms from afar. but this time, i was on it. i was so afraid. man! suddenly, the whole surrounding turned dark. i felt like i was inside a tornado. but this was dry and all sand.

the taxi driver's head was moving left and right every so often. i realized then that i was not the only one scared to be on the streets at that time. we could hear the howling of the wind and when we got near the workplace, we had to stop for the signal to go green, and the big sheet streamer at the tunnel was banging against the wall. it was just scary.

when i got off, me and just about everyone were scurrying to get inside the buildings. trees were falling on the cars at the parking areas. whew! it was really dangerous being out.

it was the first time in my life that i experienced that. i was so scared.

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Pearl said...

thank God you're safe Abby! Scary nga yon.