July 27, 2011

Flower Bud Moment

was watching one heavy drama this summer (Knovela addictus ako nitong huli) and this poem flashed in the credits. just wanna quote it here as it seemed to echo one post i made some years back (credits to the author below)...

by Jung Hyun Jong

I sometimes do regret
that occasion at the time,
could have been treasured.

That person at the time,
that thing at the time,
could have been a jewel.

I should have been more deeply entrenched,
I should have spoken more,
I should have listened more intently,
I should have loved more passionately.

Like a mute,
Like a deaf person,
Did I let it pass
like an absent-minded person?

I should have loved that moment
more ardently
A moment is everything.

Like a flower bud,
A flower bud that blossoms
as much as my ardor.
Like a flower bud.


imriz said...

agree, there's no better feeling than loving and be loved in return:)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful simple and deep poem. I like it.

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A. B. said...

thanks for dropping by...