June 06, 2012

Gift of Neighbors

Today's Gospel Acclamation:
"I am the resurrection and the life, says the Lord; whoever believes in me will never die."

Saw my aunt this morning as she was hurrying home from visiting our neighbor at the other side of the block. She was holding a couple of stalks of flowers, to which I exclaimed, "Wow, aunty, gwapaha anang bulak, oi!" She immediately gave me one of the beautiful red flowers and said it'd look nice next to the image of the Blessed Mother. I thanked her and spent several minutes trying to do the arrangement. It's a red Torch and its from one of our neighbors backyard.


And here it is placed next to our image of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Have been receiving lots of grace from our neighbors this summer (flowers, fruits, prayers and lots of love and care). We are blessed to live in a neighborhood where the residents are united and are tightly-knit. Everyone knows everybody else and birthdays and even thanksgiving celebration are celebrated together as one. Wakes are also attended to by the concerned residents. Prayer meetings are held every Sunday on rotation of each one's homes.

At summertime like now, when fruits are in season, we get to share the "harvest" of fruits from our very own backyards. Received mangoes, tambis, coconut, etc. My cousin recently climbed our avocado tree out back. And here's our avocadoes:

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