June 29, 2012

Pups Away

When we got back home after attending the early mass, we had to clean the yard littered with dogs' poop. Those from the two guard dogs in front was one batch. Then there was still more from the three dogs and three puppies at back. Whew!!

Then it's time to feed them. Had to dash here and there because all of them like playing around a lot, especially the three pups. They would be scurrying back and forth as one would enter their domain. Haaay!  They've grown so big and can run so fast. I always run and stay in the highest area (which is the water tank) when I go out back because they always get in the way, with them scampering about.


Then Che-che, our nextdoor neighbor, peeped in from the wall and asked for one pup. She had already told us she'd take one of them pups. She selected the chubby one and we gave it to her and it was named Nica. Nica was bewildered at first but stayed quiet in the arms of a new master and was soon contentedly eating away when we next looked in on her.

I then had breakfast then went on to play some praise songs. Mom liked it and asked me to save the music to her usb so she can play it at the office. She was filing some papers and getting ready for work while i rushed to save the music to her usb. When i finished, i turned to give it to her and when i saw her i laughingly chided, "Mommy, don't forget to put on your blouse." To which she just smirked her characteristic "Hmmm." She always perspire so fast even with the airconditioner on. So she often just takes off her blouse when in our room. Teehee.

This evening, mom's officemate came to take one other pup. Similarly, she was very quiet looking at the new face holding her. Mom received a text message that they've reached home and Solen (new name for the pup) was very behaved.

Haay, i think i'm having separation anxiety. After the many weeks of feeding them and playing with them and holding them to keep warm during rainy days or when they fall into the small pond out back. Now, only Angela is the one left behind. Sure have to play with her more before my cousin comes to take her away.


Pearl said...

abby nasa Iligan ka na ulit? kwento!

A. B. said...

yes, im here in iligan sa nayon. tingnan ko muna how things will pan out. musta na? hugs to you!