November 13, 2012

Exploring New Worlds

happy to post here this vid i got from YouTube again. it's from the animation Aladdin. this was shown in the early 90's and i really, really liked this song. i think i watched this movie thrice in one week. and on three different cinemas. like... really! it's true.

discovered vastly different horizons since then and explored worlds so different from the one i knew. learned to appreciate various perspectives, multi-cultural environments, and God's immense love through  a number of diverse yet unique individuals.


Pearl said...

College days!! Abby, I remember a blocmate singing this song with me:-) Feeling ko maganda boses ko non. hahaha
Are you going to the Alumni Homecoming?

A. B. said...

hahahaha... maganda ang boses mo sis, ako din feeling ko ganda boses ko e. ",) no, won't be going to the HC of CS. may ikakasal kasi akong friend at matagal ko nang di nakikita ang mga pupunta. ",)

Pearl said...

ikaw ang maganda ang boses, sister!:-)