November 18, 2012

Grateful But Once Again

happy to hear mass again tonight. was surprised to see the church so full-packed. turns out that today is the 4th anniversary of the Dedication of the Our Lady Of Fatima Parish Church. so i really felt so happy when i realized that Rev. Gaudencio Rosales came to officiate the mass even though he is already retired. he related that he is already staying in Lipa and tending to the farm. since it was he who officiated the dedication four years ago, the parish thought it best to invite him again and he was so glad to be back.

had a very enlightening evening. again, got reminded about God's constant prodding in our lives. Rev. Rosales reminded us to be mindful that Jesus may be talking to us or trying to get our attention in the varied events happening in our lives right now, be it big or small. so we have to be continually grateful for even the littlest things and to pay attention to our health, it may be His way of getting close to us. let us hold on tightly to the Lord.

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