February 02, 2012


Grey… were the clouds

that hovered across the sky


while rains pummelled

on the window panes

midst the cream-washed walls

of this shell

encasing me;

and brown were the pitter-patters

of little feet


gently enveloping me

in a daze

of blue and pink and yellow


to match

magenta tinge of lilacs

serenading reds and blacks

and stronger hues

of golden daffodils

like soft kisses

of brilliant

fuchshia-winged butterflies

caressing me

with the sweet minty smell

of a baby’s rosy breath

and orange chuckle

to touch the verdant grass

which seem so far

out of my grasp


I wait then

for when

I can taste

and hear and feel

and smell


pot of gold

or silver

or platinum

around the bend

where lies

the rainbow’s end.

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