February 24, 2012

Coming Home After the Goodbyes

sweetest goodbye

two sodium atoms are walking along the street when one stops and says...
*OMG, Ive lost an electron!*
*Are you sure?* asks his companion.
*Yes, Im positive!* replies the first sodium atom.

guess you have to be a science student to understand, eh?

my section in third year was sodium. so i kinda picked up this joke i found on the net. it has a certain kind of ring to it (to my ears, of course).

my batch in high school is gearing up for the big homecoming this 2015. it'll be our 25th year since graduating from pisay. and apparently everyone's concerned with the considerable sum that's expected of us. this year's grand sponsor has already raised more than 4M. well, i looked up our school's group page and saw that said batch has been having fund-raising projects like golf tournament, etc. so that's how they were able to raise that much. there must be lots of them still active in batch projects and activities. i wonder what our batch gimmick's gonna be.

i hope we will not be forced to bleed for whatever fund-raising will be decided on. i am more anxious as to how i'm gonna be by that time. saan naman kaya ako ipapadpad ng aking mga paa sa mga panahong iyon? again, i wonder.

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