February 06, 2012

Dreaming On

Years ago, i attended the Truly Rich seminar of tito bo, together with a couple of my colleagues at monde. afterwards, we were very excited about what we learned, we immediately met a fin mgt agent whom our boss have been telling us about. then, we learned more about funds and decided to invest in it. also, tita chelle helped me get dollar fixed income funds and some equity funds in sec through IMG. that was before i decided to resign from my job and go abroad to seek greener pastures (or so i thought). this decision was due in part to some inner searching i took months before on what i wanted to do with my life. pen in hand and imagination flying, all i needed was to open up my heart and free my mind of all the boggling fears carefully hidden inside. finally, my soul searching pointed me to the road i embarked on.

fast forward now to 2012, just last weekend, trish invited me to sit-in on another truly rich session by tito bo. i arrived late, thanks to my hopeless ineptitude in understanding directions. tito bo was still funny, and gwapo in his suit, and serious, and awfully right! he mentioned about doing the same thing i did- writing down what he wanted and setting out to do it. only difference is, his list was very detailed. and right he was! (once again). it's indeed easier to get something if you have it laid down exactly as you want it. it's hard to miss something so specific. he wrote down 15 pages of his goals and said it always brings tears to his eyes every time he realizes one of his dreams have come true. wow, that's truly amazing!

i am so embarassed to admit that mine was all helter-skelter and roughly drafted out. no wonder i still don't know if i have achieved it already. with such ambiguous goals laid down, the only outcome could only be a general "uhhm, yeah, this is it, maybe..." .

but tito bo mentioned something i did not do. he said he read his list everyday... every single day. mine was folded and refolded several times over, tucked into one of my numerous planners, and pushed back onto some obscure boxes hidden away under the bed never again to see the light of day. until a few weeks ago. indeed, life has some surprising way of turning out. my cousin and her whole family was coming to stay with us for a couple of weeks for their interview at the US embassy. trish and i spent the whole night tidying up the place, at which point i was reunited with my planner of long ago. and there, lo and behold, i saw it again. hidden in several folds --- my life's dreams! i quietly read it again. sighed. then tucked it into my new planner and then placed it inside my bag.

so last night, i attempted to read my list once more. while i was in dubai and after coming back home, i thought my goals have changed. but one realization i had was that, what i'd written years ago are still true to this day. goals change depending on one's circumstances (esp. short-term goals... strategic ones). but dreams remain the same. looking deep inside, my list still reflects my heart's desires. even having gone through so much changes in my life, indeed, i still have my dreams waiting to be made.


anSeL said...

hi,ate abby!
pinas ka na pala ulet, so what's next? :)

A. B. said...

yes, ansel. am back! sobra ako na-sad sa mga recent sakuna. i want to be nearer home. medyo nangangapa pa sa ngayon at syempre back to square one na naman ako. but i'll try to hang on. i know the Lord will not let me go astray.

hope you and your family are safe. stay happy. hugs. :-)