December 17, 2012

Full Saturday

saturday was completely filled with activity. trish woke me up at four in the morning so we can go to the tiangge. we usually buy clothes for gifts and for ourselves as well at the tiangge where the prices are so low. and what's more, they're all made by filipino garment-makers. as part of my resolution this year to patronize filipino entrepreneurs, i've been buying only philippine-made items for giveaways and for personal use; be it clothes, paper-made gift items, food, bags, clothes, etc. i think that it helps to lift the economy somehow when we are patronizing our very own business enterprises and not the korean and chinese items proliferating anywhere nowadays.

then, we had to rush to bring langga to school as they will be preparing for their school play competition in the afternoon. and off we went to salcedo village in makati to see what's there to buy. again, our own small entrepreneurs are there selling their products and produce. one can see all good food everywhere; e.g., pancakes, milk, gourmet tuyo, tinapa (we bought jaq's sumptuous vodka tinapa and tinapa with malunggay), breads, pizza, pasta, meat cuts, filipino ulam, ice cream, taho, etc..   and the organic produce were a sight to see. trish made sure to buy some stuff and greens for salad at home. after having our fill of what's to see and taste and smell there, we were on our way home.

pics i took were only of the flowers near the entrance/exit when we were already leaving.

hardly have we sat down, when the phone rang and we were fetched by trish's mom, tita chelle, as they still have to check out several places and confirm the venue for their christmas party. we just freshened up a bit and again were on our way out the door. trish hurriedly took a picture of me at Serendra while tita chelle was busy on the phone.

at one o'clock in the afternoon, we had to go back to rockwell to watch the musical competition. it was a competition between the year levels. Grade 7 played The Sound of Music, 2nd Year played Miss Saigon (good acting for their actors!), 3rd Year played Cats and 4th Year played The Phantom of the Opera. well, i was only able to take a pic of the first one to perform and after that, my phone went dead.

here's a peek at the fab costumes of the cast of Cats:

each year level took almost an hour each for their chosen musical so it was already past six when we decided to go home. sure was glad to be back home. took a bath and soon headed off to dreamland.

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