December 31, 2012

Last Day of the Year 2012

Another year is ending, another chapter is coming to a close...

I’m really thankful for all the wonderful things that filled this year : family gatherings, friends’ get-togethers, travels, business explorations, training seminars and so much more. It’s been filled with opportunities to know more and learn more. There were a few people i know who passed away, quite sad to learn they’re gone. Others have gone on to seek greener pastures elsewhere. All the best to everyone. I also got to meet new faces this year and travel to new places and revisit old familiar ones. Happy to say that i got reconnected with old ties (both family and friends) through visits, personal meets and/or via the internet.

Here's my year 2012 in review: 

Have been happily chatting away and reconnecting with Pearl via her blog, Windowshopping, here at blogger. Ansel also writes at Allness World.

Meantime, Glo said goodbye to her blog, Daragang Magayon, as she will be busily clicking away in SG. 

Was happy to note that Gemma became very visible in FB (or was it me getting hooked with too much free time on my hand?).

Kept constantly updated about happenings with friends Cherry and Melai through FB, even though they are already living miles across the ocean.

Enjoyed my Lenten reprieve at our farm in ZDS.

Met with av and stayed at her place then had breakfast at my fave place Rowena's!

 Here are some fam pics in iligan and zamboanga during the summer, fiesta and clan reunion.

Met with QA gals who i have missed a lot. so sweet of them to treat me so kindly. And 'twas a happy birthday dinner for tikz and bona as well. Got updated about news at the plant once again.

Joined a baking seminar so that i can help mommy set up the bakery or home bakeshop that she's been hoping to have.

Also attended the coffee summit organized by the phil. coffee board. Sure learned much about coffee that i never knew before, esp. the topography of the industry in our country. I even took home a poster on coffee planting to bring back home to share with the folks in our farm. Am so wildly hoping to be a coffee entrepreneur someday.

Met with CS friends cath, jing and marvz after such a long time. First, i went with jayne to register at the mandaluyong city hall (yipee, we're officially registered now!) then we hooked up with cath in alabang and proceeded to marvz and jing's new place at la marea.

Lennie and george's family came home for a vacation. Was sure glad to meet with them again. kuya came to meet with george. The kids have grown a lot. And it was my first time to see the twins (who are so opposite in character but both so sweet really!).  How wonderful to talk to a good friend after so long. 

Went to attend siosy's wedding at club balai isabel in batangas. The place is nice. But the people are more important to be with. Happy to see jing, meanne, av, tikz, ganda and siosy once again.

Set up a get-together with CS gals as i was not able to attend the big gathering during this year's Kapnayan. Happy to dine and wine with folks beautiful at heart. And at the same time was able to see the home bakeshop of pretty sis miel in her apartment in marikina. Glad to meet Miel and Din after so long.

Went back to yupielbi to meet the birthday girls (mga bru) loren and bjing. As usual, laughter was overflowing and sharing of memorable moments so priceless!

Sure am glad i was able to see my classmate from high school, meliza dela paz-clancy, who took time out to see me before heading off for their family's trip down south (bohol-camiguin-cagayan-iligan). Still smart and pretty, well-grounded and big-hearted as i remember her.

Was happy that lexa and kwin could squeeze in some time to see me this christmas season just as the holiday rush was coming. AV organized the christmas dinner and i was happy to relate to them my latest raket on the bath and body products i've been making for giveaways.  

And, of course, the AS sisses also had a get-together at det's place. Food was sublime and the talk equally precious.

And here are pics of some items i've  produced as our "market research" attempt. Hopefully, we can go full blast by this year, once things get finalized. I'm happy with the feedback i've been getting. And we continue to solicit comments and suggestions to better improve our products.

Christmas day was celebrated with my family this year at our home here in Iligan. I am very grateful for the faces around the table as we celebrated Christmas day. My family really are God's greatest gift to me. I look forward to a brighter, healthier and happier year ahead. My heartfelt gratitude to all who have been a part of my life’s journey for this year 2012.

My fervent wishes for more blessings to all of us for this year 2013. May our lives be filled with peace and hope and love!


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